Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I love Biology...

Tonight was cool. First off I didn't have to take the dreaded unstudied-for test. I can delay and pay a measly fee of $4 to take it on Wednesday (incidenally 1 US dollar equals 11.0889947 Pesos, so the text extension would cost me a whoppin 44.35 if I were in Juarez, Mexico). I still am heaving that figuative sigh of relief, what with the whole double duty thing this week @ work (I got a promotion, yet am working it plus the old job till my colleauge returns from Disneyland) and the ominous promise of finals week looming just 4 days away.

Who the heck arbitrarily decided tests were all that great anyway? Most of the time they're designed to trick you into feeling like you are doing PDG, all butterflies and sunny meadows, but gully washer clouds form quickly after the examination is handed in and run through the scantron.

I propose that tests are a direct bi-product of the Norse deity Poki (devlish brother to Loki, Norse god of mischief), solelly designed to leave us gasping as if poleaxed, skewered toadily on the end of a frog-sticker . The test results always hustle and mishmash to reform into little faces on the test results page, their whizgigging geysering laughs mocking uproariously that I ever thought I was prepared. I know this is true to teh depths of my beings. The gods who meddled with Zeigfried in Nibelungenlied are fixed against me! It's like the Ides of April or something! Wreched!

Ahem...Back to Biology. Professor Heward talked today about more of the impacts of Humanity on environment, and it got me to thinking--how long can this good thing that we all share really last? Did you know that as a nation we use 10x the resources per person that a developing nation uses? Think about this also--China is still considered a developing nation (what happens when they are "developed"? I am not talking facial hair here) :). That roughly translates into a curent figure of 700 million using the majority of the worlds resources. The other stat that will shock you is that if everyone else in the developing nations were to really try for the "American Dream" then we'd quickly overstress our planet and end up in a tight spot. The carrying capacity of the planet is estimated at anywhere from 3 billion to 44 billion. Now obviously, we are well past the 3 billion, but 44 seems a bit high considering that over 1 bilion today go to bed hungry each night. This carrying capacity is good to remember for my next point. If those said developing nation peoples were able to come up to American standards, that would put a virtual stress on the planet of 10x the population (a rough strain of 50 billion on the resources). And you thought the tuna fleets were clearing the seas out today. There would be narry a sole to be found (haha!) in the sea.

So what do we do as response to this calamity hanging over the heads of our prodgeny? Will what I do really affect the future? I think yes. People are complacent for the most part, but we are sleeping giants by and large. If each of us picked up 10 pieces of trash when we went for a walk, got a recycling bin for 60% of that trash that really doesn't need to go to the landfill, turned down the thermostat, and carpooled or (gasp!) rode our bikes to work, it would be a start. I know there is alot to be done if we are going to help our childrens grandchildren out, but isn't it worth it? In this time of disposable everything, we snub our roots and thumb our noses at the conventional wisdom that lead our forbearers to "use it up and wear it out" instead of consume, consume, consume.

OK. I am stepping down from the soapbox and am going to recycle it :)

I just feel like we can do something, ya know?? We and all the life on this big old blue marble are interrelated (yes brother couchdweller, those pork-rinds came from something that is in the same Domain, Kindom, Phylum, and Class as you) and what we choose makes a difference as some of these animals are linked in ways that apathy will crush. Now I am not going to go all revolutionary and join peta. But I am somewhat shocked at the new perspective I have on things. We gotta give back to the planet!

If you would like a laugh, check out Gary Larson's "There's a Hair in My Dirt". I'ts pretty funny. Want a spoiler? The moral of the story is to Leave the King Snake alone when it's eating that cute little hantavirus carrier.

OK for the second time. I really am tired. Thx for reading, good night and good luck (picking up those 10 pieces of garbage).

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Jumping on the wagon of bands

Hola cyber time & space,

I join you as a citizen, one of the last few to enroot themselves out here on the big WWW. Doesn't everyone have one of these blogs? Ranting about the bum of so and so and how horrible Lost (t.m.) was last week? I join you heathen and kinsman, supporter and meek soul, and ask you to revel with me--as I labor to post my core, my psyche, sentiments, and turnabout ramblings.

Tonight I am still awake and trying, with moderate success, to load my CD collection onto an ipod (t.m.). The newfangled device has been under my commision for an entire 4 days (as of 10 hrs from now) and has only 1.15 of it's promised 30 gig filled with misc. tunes. What am I going to do to fill up the darn thing? I sprung for the larger one in hopes of putting it all on there--all 150+ CD's and then packing away the jewelcases and compact discs into a waterproof container and burying them till the year 2300 when they would bring a pretty decent price on antique road show (as longas they were wrapped in my unwashed blue jeans). I can imagine my great (to the 14th power) granddaughter digging it up and jamming out to The Beatles, Kila, Nickel Creek, Beethoven & Sting. Cool.

I am turning into an insomniac--this business of staying up till 3 am has got to stop--there is just so much to do! Clean the house, play with the kids, hang out with my better half, take the dog out to pee for the umpteenth time, worry about my garden, wish I was riding my bicycle, eat something yumm-o, say my prayers, work hard in the ol' salt mines, and get up and do it all over again.

I mean, I piss and moan like the best of them, but I really have got it pretty good. Roof over my head, no diease, 10 fingers and toes, a fantastic wife, two beautiful and fun kids, a mut that pees on the rug on occasion, and basically everything I could really want. Life is good. I have a great family (huge with all the inlaws and cousins etc, makes for some great times together), live in a free country, and can shop at walmart (uh-oh, another t.m.). Oh wait...I don't have Tivo(t.m.). You lied to me founding fathers! This land is not my land...Grrrrr...

So who in the heck is crazy enough to load every single one of their CD's on their ipod (t.m.,sigh)? Am I insane? Don't normal people just steal the music from creepy filesharing dudes wearing trenchcoats and a smile? I, um, heard about this guy who used to swap files (ahem), back in 1999-ish but I quickly found that I liked the liner notes instead of the guilt. And the cheap-o crappy white 10 cent a piece discs that had the titles scrawled on them in sloppy sharpie (no more t.m.! I rebel) kinda fell apart after listening to them 1 or 2x. I changed, was cured of my purcahsing convalescence and now stay up worrying about the Bio test tomorrow I don't really want to take (sorry Prof Heward), instead of Interpol busting down my door because I rented 30 CD's from the Orem Public Library and ripped them all to CD. Incidentally, do you know how long that took?? Even more humorous was how long it took to break each one when I decided to buy the albums I really liked and trash the trash ones (most of them). If I had a nickel for every ripped CD, I'd have about 82 cents (hows that for miscalculation).

Anyway, I am tired. Dave Matthews' Some Devil (legitimate CD, like all mine now, boooring old curmudgeon that I am) is playing now and ripping to my Ipood (saw a green shirt on ebay with that on it).

G'night all you cyber geeks and ghouls, remember the Alamo (t.m. Argh!).